SDS(Society of Dental Study) is recognition group at Kanagawa Dental College. It aims at development of the odontology department industry.


About SDS



SDS is extracurricular activities that lay weight in the study of every day and clinical and the research. Studing everyday for the national examination is told in the study of every day. It is likely to be told because of SDS is study groupe.
In clinical,We visit the clinic that opens actually a business , it is interested in clinical from among the student, and a road that wants to be advanced of me can be clarified in the future. Moreover, the seminar of the needed management is scheduled to go in extracurricular activities to think that it will open a business in the future, too.
In the research, it is possible to look for the research that suits me on the inside where the laboratory research is helped. Moreover, it is also possible to research from among the student, to write a treatise, and to announce at the academic society.


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